Your taxidermist has no control over any trophy prior to them receiving it, for mounting or tanning. Many factors may effect the results of a mount, such as condition of skin, time of year and the care given to the trophy when it was killed.  Occasionally, a skin will not mount or tan due to improper handling or some defect in the skin for which your taxidermist can not be held responsible.  Hides need to be put in a cooler and skinned as soon as possible.  World Class Taxidermy has a cooler and we can be reached 24 hrs a day(325-277-5018).
Located in Sonora, Texas.  We have been in business here for just over seven years.  We started out as a small operation and are growing bigger with every new deer season.  We look forward to meeting you and also being able to do all your taxidermy work.  We work hard to have a six to nine month turn around on all our mounts.  We realize that as a hunter you want your mount back before the next season starts.  Our prices may be a little higher than some but we try to keep our prices competitive.  Keep in mind when you are shopping around for a taxidermist that if a price sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. 
If you have any questions please stop by and see us or give me a call at 325-277-5018.
Owner Justin Mathews
206 N US HWY 277
Sonora Tx, 76950

I would like to welcome all hunters to World Class Taxidermy.  The thrill and memory of your hunting experience is what you will carry for the rest of your life. Don't waste time and money on a mount you are not happy with or a mount that will not last with your memories.  
Not only do we offer a business to meet all your taxidermy needs we are also equipped to do all of your game  processing.  It is an advantage to both you as a hunter and us as a taxidermy business to have the option to process your animal.  This ensures that the hide of the animal is in our hands from beginning to the end.  This is the most important part of taxidermy work.

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